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You've landed the job, congratulations! Signature is on the paper, the gears are rolling, and the shoot is just a couple of weeks away. Does the excitement wear off pretty quickly when you realize, "Now what do I do?" You have entered the time called "Pre-Pro" or Pre-Production. This is the time for you to pre-visualize every aspect of the photoshoot, nail down all the details, so that on the day of the shoot you can roll in ready to focus on creating, rather than worrying about miscellaneous details like: What will we eat so no one gets grumpy, Did I remember to schedule all of the talent, Where is that prop piece I need? Whether you are on a small commercial shoot, or a big budget job, there are details that must be considered for everything to go smoothly.

  1. Put your team (assistants, digital tech, wardrobe and hair/makeup stylists, set builder, producer/PA) on hold when you first learn of the job , but only lock them in after you receive signoff. Be aware that if you lock them in before sign off, you are responsible for paying them the rate even if the job f
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