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You’ve found “the one,” you’ve got engaged and started planning your wedding, and you’ve done your due diligence by meeting with several photographers. Now you’ve found the “the one” who you both agree is the perfect choice to photograph your wedding. Congratulations! Before you sign on that dotted line, ISPWP wants to give you some advice on essential things that you should be sure are included in the wedding contract.

How Much Time Will Your Photographer Be With You on the Day?

Most photographer offer packages that include a certain number of hours on the wedding day, which allows for people to customize the amount of coverage for their specific needs. For example, a small brunch wedding in one location may have everything covered in 4 hours, but a more traditional wedding with a ceremony and reception in different places may need 8-10 hours (or more). When you’re in discussions with photographers, ask them what they suggest for the right amount of coverage for your day.

This should be detailed in your contract, so there are no misunderstandings. There should also a be a clause specifying how many additional hours (often referred to as “overtime”) will be billed at and how you are expected to pay (Will they bill you later? Will you have to pay right then on the wedding day?).

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