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Often referred to as “the getting ready” by wedding photographers, the time when a bride prepares for her wedding day can make some of the most poignant photos of the day. It’s a time of reflection, celebration, nervousness, and excitement. Traditionally, bridesmaids were unwed sisters or close members of the family such as cousins, but that tradition has long been replaced with having those people who are closest to the bride be in her bridal party, regardless of marital status.

Photographing this moment is often a favorite of our ISPWP photographers because it offers them an insider’s glimpse into the raw emotion of the day. During the special ritual when the bride is putting on the gown and the veil parents may be thinking about how their little girl has grown, the passage of time and the importance of family. Sisters and close friends may be giddy with excitement, and everyone is preparing carefully so that they look their very best. Capturing those moments is often special for the photographer, and a treasure for the bride and her family.

Photographs from the getting ready part of the day usually have a combination of candid photos, posed photos and in some cases, staged photos. Before your wedding, give some thought as to how much you want your photographer to capture, and what is most important to you. View some stunning award-winning getting ready photos of ISPWP photographers to inspire you.

Things to Consider Before the Wedding Day:

Are you comfortable with your photographer be

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