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You’ve heard it all before; planning a wedding is stressful. You’ll be required to balance budgets, balance what you both want, what your parents want, all while planning a wedding which can at times seem like a full-time job. With all of this to worry about, you may have noticed subtle or not-so subtle changes in your body. Many newly engaged couples report having poor eating habits (too much celebrating) or even a lack of appetite (stress or worry about the wedding) affecting their health.

No matter how long your engagement is, it’s not too early to begin a 5-point health plan to help look your best in your wedding photos.

Diet. We don’t mean diets of the crash variety like eating only grapefruit and cabbage until your wedding day. By diet we mean that you should sit down and take an honest assessment of what you are putting into your body every day. The old adage says that if you want to look your best, you need to feel your best, and its still good advice. Start charting what you eat and how you feel afterward. You can do this in a variety of ways with apps available on your phone, or you can go old school and just write it in a journal. If you’re in a rut, consider visiting a dietician or health coach. Bonus: these good habits can carry you throughout your life and you may feel better than ever, thanks to your engagement!

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