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Shooting splashes is always great fun, even if it’s a simple image with a coffee cup and a falling piece of refined sugar. Plus, there is always so much room for experimentation—in other words, for even more fun!

When I made the “Empty Cup” image, many people asked me how I shot it. And I thought it would be better to show you in a step-by-step breakdown rather then answer individual questions. So, this is how:

1. Props

First of all you will need a solid background (paper or set of boards only will make things more complicated; I used a sheet of painted plywood), a large syringe without needle, glue gun, reliable double sided tape and any components of your still life that you like.

Besides that, as for any splash shooting, you will need a tripod and an external flash.

2. Set up

Arrange a still life composition, keeping in mind that it will be turned upside down. Make sure that it’s a composition you like to see, because later there won’t be a chance to modify it.


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