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I know that proper way to photograph splashes is to use special fancy machinery that allows you to control the shape of your splashes precisely. However, these machines are not only expensive, they’re also extremely hard to find (I’ve managed to find only models suitable for macro photography).

This is why the majority of still life photographers make do with the equipment they can use right now. Here’s one of my tricks.

This way of making splashes won’t give you absolute control of their form, but you will be able to capture relatively similar splashes (even a few at the same time) and make splashes in scenes where the usual ways like dropping a sugar cube into a cup of coffee simply wouldn’t work. Plus, this way is a lot of fun to try!

1. Props

You will need:

1. A small platform on wheels (I made mine from a piece of thin plywood and two pairs of LEGO wheels; you can make bigger platform using furniture wheels or even a skate).

2. An external brake (in my case it’s a wooden block glued to a background table and used to stop the moving platform).

3. A container with liquid (cup of coffee, glass of wine, or jar with coloured water) and other items of your still life.

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