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In my imagination, picnics are tightly connected to golden roasted marshmallows. Having a sweet tooth, I have no strong feelings about barbecue, but I love the idea of cooking on an open flame.

If you can’t find some time to have fun outdoors, why not bring a little adventure right in the studio and shoot a camping still life with tasty roasted marshmallows? And eat the props!


Though shooting flames is great fun, it is still dangerous to do indoors. So keep a fire extinguisher handy and put any flammable items away (and don’t wear flammable clothes). Always treat fire as serious business. Even a small one.

1. Gear and props

We won’t need anything fancy, just a couple of usual things like:

  • A light source (two speedlights in my case, but a window will also do)
  • Marshmallows and a roasting stick
  • Means to fix your roasting stick vertically (I used a brick of floral foam)
  • Matches
  • Camping-themed still life items (like a checkered napkin, knife, flask, or compass)
  • Since we’re going to use a relatively long shutter speed, a tripod will come in handy too.


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