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Everyone on my Instagram feed is complaining about a cold summer and cloudy weather. But, even if your summer is gloomy and unenjoyable, there’s something that can cheer up almost anyone. Popsicles! Especially if you’re about to photograph them in a fun and exciting way with splashes and levitating fruits.

1. Props

To create this dynamic image we will need:

  • Popsicle molds
  • Means to suspend pieces of fruit in the air (either professional clamps or long, thin needles in a pair with a brick of floral foam or styrofoam)
  • Syringe or shot glass to pour water
  • Fruit
  • Food coloring
  • Light source suitable for shooting splashes (in my case, two speedlights)
  • camera and a tripod

2. Preparation

The popsicle is cast as our lead, so let’s make it pretty. I’m a terrible cook, so my popsicle is basically a slice of fruit frozen in lemonade. But you can use any normal recipe you like. Just remember that it will be better if you keep the popsicle transparent (because transparent ice is extremely beautiful in backlight). You can also use some food coloring for the water we’re going to pour if you want it to match the color of the popsicle.

3. Composition



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