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Adding some action to your still life image is always a good idea. Spilled coffee, falling sprinkles, or rising steam are wonderful props and subjects that will bring your image to life. How about adding some dissolving flowers or fruits to your still life shots?

This trick is extremely simple and flexible. You can create a picture with vaporizing flowers, disintegrated vegetables, or a “cloud cocktail” in a Martini glass. All you need are your still life items (in my case, it’s glass bottles, scissors, and sprigs of lavender), a fish tank (avoid fish bowls; their walls can add distracting reflections), a syringe, and some paint. For paint, I prefer acrylic paint, because it is much denser than water, and it forms lovely opaque clouds. But ink, food dye, or even a mix of food dye and milk can produce wonderful results.

The gear you will need is simple too. You’ll need a camera, a tripod, and any light source that is suitable for shooting splashes. In my case it’s two speedlights, a large diffuser, and a reflector. Let’s get started!

1. Prepare the props.


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