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I strongly believe that the simplest way to became a better photographer is by using everything you have right now to your advantage.

Are you an owner of a cheap little camera? Good, it’s light, you can take it everywhere, and you can try some pretty extreme things with it without worrying about the damage. Don’t have any cooking skills to practice food photography? Go for a donut and a cup of coffee, this pair is just as good as foie gras.

Don’t wait for a perfect equipment, perfect props, or the time you are ready. You’re never ready. You go when you’re ready enough. And you don’t need much to be ready enough…

What I’m getting at is the most wonderful, flexible, and versatile material you can use for bringing your ideas to life. It’s simple… it’s affordable… it’s paper.

Just look at all that stuff people manage to make from coloured paper and cardboard: from fashionable hats to miniature landscapes.

If you’re not ready for crafting an entire megalopolis with glue and scissors, start with something minimalistic, clean, and simple. Silhouettes are a great choice. Use simplified iconic shapes of the objects you need to create a story—this would be more than enough! So, let’s get started.

1. Props

First of all, we need an idea. How about collection of memories? Your last summer at the seashore kept safe and sound inside


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