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Rainy days often destroy our plans. But if we have to spend the day at home and to postpone arranged photo shooting, why not change one photographic plans for the other and have some fun?

Fool Gravity

I love the upside down trick. Glue all tableware to a wooden background (glue gun would be very useful) and turn it upside down. Then fill the syringe with coffee, milk, or any other liquid, point it up, and start spraying! If you make circular motions, you can get not only drops falling up, but a twisted splash.


Think about that would you like to see in your coffee cup, cut the figure out from paper (remember that you will not need the figure itself, but a cutout of it in the paper), put it between coffee cup and light source — and voila!


You can create a new reality for ordinary objects by simply transforming them with a couple of chalk lines. Turn one thing to another, or even create a whole new space.


It’s very interesting to watch how various objects (like flowers, toys, ink stains, tools, pens, anything) can turn into the letters. And even more interesting is when the material for letters is related to the content of the inscription.


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