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Beyond the Green Box – Understanding Your Digital Camera is the long anticipated sequel to Refuse to Say Cheese, written and produced by celebrated photographers, Me Ra and Brian of Me Ra Koh Photography. They have designed this DVD to take parents one step further on their journey to document their children’s lives through photography. Beyond the Green Box encourages parents to switch off the “P” button or “Automatic” otherwise known as the Green Box. Me Ra Koh empowers you to stop taking all your children’s photographs on auto-pilot.

Not only does this DVD share more secrets of storytelling in children’s photography, but it also demystifies all those scary camera terms. Utilizing humor as well as intelligent everyday language, Me Ra will take you on a journey through camera techniques that will increase your confidence to go Beyond the Green Box. Her careful directions and examples point the way to a clear understanding of your digital camera.

Prepare to Be Dazzled! Refuse to Say Cheese, taught you the story-telling values of framing and intentional composition. Now, with Beyond the Green Box, Me Ra Koh empowers parents with the amazing creative value of “The Big Three: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.” Far beyond merely defining these technical terms, Me Ra explains their use as story telling tools.