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Whether you plan to produce video for editorial or commercial clients, your narrative skills are just as important as your technical know-how. Audiences ultimately respond to stories, whether they are told in a single frame, or at 24 frames per second. This seminar will teach you how to translate—and build on—your still photography skills to produce compelling short video narratives (:30, :60, 2-5 minutes). 

Bob Sacha, a former MediaStorm producer, will break the process down into its two primary components, focusing first on audio as the foundation of storytelling. He will explain how to use interviewing techniques that elicit surprising information and authentic emotion from subjects. 

Attendees will learn how to use ambient sound, sound effects and music to add emotional texture to the audio, and Sacha will offer tips and advice about the how to record high-quality audio. In the second part of the seminar, he will explain how to switch your visual thinking from still photography mode to video mode, so you can plan and capture the video sequences you will need to complement your audio and tell the story.


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