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If you are a portrait photographer, you have undoubtedly seen the current crazy over “mini” sessions in the past several years, which you most likely either love or hate to deal with. With over 15 years in the industry, Alycia has found a successful and financially benefitting way to incorporate themed mini sessions into her business model without devaluing her full price sessions in her high-end low volume business model.

During this master class, Alycia will share the pros and cons of these types of sessions, including both her successes and failures of the “mini”, along with different ways to fully utilize social media to market/promote and how to upsell each session for maximum profit. She will also be discussing how she uses her mini sessions to attract brand new clients and convert them into a loyal client for life.

Whether you are seasoned veteran who has been fighting against offering mini sessions or a newcomer who has found themselves stuck in the vicious cycle of mini after mini, Alycia’s tips and tricks to Money Making Mini’s can benefit all photographers who would like to have lucrative sessions and expand your client base.


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