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If you are reading this, chances are, you are a PARENT! Now you can discover how to take better pictures of your kids more frequently and effortlessly with Refuse to Say Cheese: Capture the Story. In this compelling DVD, internationally acclaimed professional photographer and writer, Me Ra Koh, shares the secrets of her story-telling style of photography. Her lessons in Refuse To Say Cheese, guarantee that you will stop being disappointed in the quality of the memories you and your child make with your camera. She has personally written and produced this DVD to teach parents like you how to photograph the story of your child’s life.

As a published writer, speaker and writing teacher, Me Ra brings you more than a decade of story-telling experience. Her journey into the world of photography began when she became a mom. She traded her pen for a camera to capture the stories of her children through images. Now, she charts the course for you as you begin your journey into story-telling photography. As you watch Refuse to Say Cheese, the first in a series of creative photography DVDs made just for for parents, Me Ra Koh becomes your mentor, revealing timeless story telling techniques she has perfected as a writer, a photographer, and a MOM!

This Deluxe DVD Edition Includes: Four Chapters on Storytelling Techniques …Me Ra inspires you to see your child with new eyes. You’ll learn to capture the precious expressions of wonder and whimsy. You’ll see the secret story in tiny everyday moments…

Three Chapters on Kid-tested Framing and Composition …These are not grandma’s stuffy old formal photography rules! Far from old style photo regulations, Me Ra sheds new light on timeless examples and instructions so that you will see INSTANT improvement in your photography, the very first time you try them.

Booklet with Extra Photography Exercises …Now that you have the tools of a storyteller, enjoy your new power! Practice time for your photography becomes playtime between you and your child. You’ll be transforming your memories into keepsakes, a perfect pastime for a mom.

SECRET BONUS ON THIS DVD! In the Special Features Section, you’ll discover a candid interview with Me Ra and her husband, Brian, as they talk about their photography, parenting and other surprises.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Point and Shoot Camera or Digital SLR (Any Kind!) PLUS a little free time and your beautiful child!