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After receiving numerous offers from mainstream publishers, Robert Herman decided to self publish his first monograph: The New Yorkers (Proof Positive Press, 2013), his collection of Kodachrome images of NYC from 1980's. 

Starting with a book dummy in 2010, Herman created a kickstarter campaign to self-publish his monograph. 

In this seminar, Herman will show you the steps necessary to produce a world-class photography monograph, illuminating the long and winding road to getting a book produced and distributed all over the world. Herman's expertise is invaluable for any photographer.

Now in the third printing, The New Yorkers self published by NYC street photographer, Robert Herman, is a true publishing success story. After receiving numerous offers from mainstream publishers Robert decided to maintain control of the process both creatively and financially and so he started Proof Positive Press to release his first photo book.

Beginning with his successful Kickstarter campaign, Robert will tell the story of how he shepherded The New Yorkers from concept to design to manufacturing and then to a featured piece in The New York Times and to then selling the book at the famed Strand Bookstore and the Museum of Modern Art. Join Robert for an intimate discussion with a Q & A about his own journey and come celebrate the spirit of self-publishing a photo book with the intention of sharing your vision with the world.

Some topics Robert will cover:

Image Prep and Scanning

Editing and Design


Printing offset Distribution


Public Relations

Social media  


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