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Balance and transfer

To check your account balance, transfer the money you earn and get taxpaying data go to Balance section in Cabinet.

Income calculations and arrival

  • Income from courses, webinars and referrals calculates on 5th day of each month (i.e. for the period from 5th day of a previous month to 5th day of a current month).
  • All the single payments (for your item or your exclusive course) charges to your account balance on the same day they arrived.

Transfer restrictions

  • Amount: 50 USD or above
  • At most once per day

History tab 

In transaction descriptions the following terms are used:

  • Premium - income from Creator's fund according to views of your Premium content (courses and webinars). Appears in the table once a month.
  • Referrals (subscription) - shared income from your referrals' purchases for Premium plan.
  • Sale - profit from a single sale of your exclusive content (course or webinar) or an item.
  • Referrals (sale) - shared income from someone else's sale via referral program.
  • Payout - is a money transfer proceeded by yourself.