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Earn money: referral program

You earn half of the subscription fees of anyone who subscribes to Classerium through your personal link.

  1. You generate a referral link and post it. For example, in your social networks.
  2. Someone comes to Classerium through that link and registers - this person becomes your referral.
  3. You get 50% when your referral pays for Premium plan
  4. You get 10% when your referral pays for exclusive content or an item.

Whoever may own the content. For each referral, each time, forever.

This has no connection with money you earn from content as an instructor, i.e. you earn money with referral program PLUS from content.

Absolutely anyone can take part in our referral program, i.e. you don't need to own a company or to be a teacher to become a Classerium partner. So if you know people with any access to our target audience - let them know that they can earn money with Classerium - by just posting links.