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What is Classerium

Classerium is the online educational platform for photographers of any level. We provide everything you need to improve your photography skills, motivate and inspire you as an artist:

  • Courses - educational videos from a huge list of instructors - world-renowned photographers and related fields professionals such as editors or art collectors.
  • Webinars and recordings of past webinars.
  • Calendar of workshops and other photography related events worldwide.
  • Books, plugins and other Items our instructors gift or sell to students.
  • Articles and News to learn more and stay up to date.

Classerium is FREE to register, read, comment - in simple words, to be a part of the community. Some courses are free. But other courses, gifts and competitions are available only for Premium subscribers. People should be paid for their work, especially highly qualified professionals as our instructors are. Thanks to the Internet, today we can create top classes really cheap and share them with many-many people all around the world.

Classerium Team are passionate about the project and we believe that remote education is an important part of the future itself. We’re not going to stop with photography - it’s just the first subject We want perfect. Music doesn’t exist without a listener. So our goal is to keep you, our students, satisfied, to help you learn fast, easy and finally become better artists. That’s why you can contact us directly any time with any questions or ideas. Our terms, secure payments and lawyers will protect students, instructors and partners from fraud and plagiarism.

Finally, right now and every next day we continue filming courses and conferences, engaging new instructors, bloggers and partners, improving the site and doing everything else possible to make Classerium better for you.