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Earn money: content

Types of contentProfitWho can create
Courses and webinarsdirectinstructors only
Free courses and webinarsreferral

all partners

Free items



Premium courses and webinars

Every minute that any Classerium subscriber watches your video(s) earns you income!

50% of the Premium plan payments from independent students and 25% of someone's referrals payments create the Author’s Fund. The Author’s Fund is distributed monthly (system proceed calculations on 5th day of every month), to instructors whose videos were watched that month.

Exclusive courses and webinars, Items

You get 50% from the price you set for exclusive content and items for original Classerium buyers.

(100% if a buyer is your referral and 50% if buyer is someones else referral).

Other types of content

Help you profit with the types below and referral program: