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Articles: reasons to create

Reason 1: Stay indexable

As well as television didn't supersede theater, video will never ever replace text as an information source. And what do we do today when we have a question? Exactly, we google it!

Text is still the type of content search engines are indexing the best. And an article is the best tool that allows an absolutely random person searching for something, to find... you. Your answer. Then your courses, items and so on. 

Tip: Recall popular questions your students, friends, or even colleagues ask you about photography. Ask Google. Write a better answer. Well, no. Write the best one. You can, that's why we've invited you here. But remember - search engines are a badass - they know when you copy and paste, know when people don't like a page and leave it fast.

Reason 2: A reason to post a referral link

Hey, Facebook followers, here is my new article, you say, and post the link. And in fact it's your referral link, so everyone who come through the link in your post or any repost may become your referrals. 

And people are more likely to click on an article then on something complicated, time consuming and big like a course or event. An article - it's 10 or 15 minutes - I can read it during my coffee-break, in the subway or in a taxi.

Tip: When people arrive - it's our job to please them and make them curious. You should just engage people to click. Here the title and lead are everything, if you're working with referral programs in social networks.

Reason 3:  Free promotion

Writing articles you promote yourself in the web through search engines (it learns connection between your name and photography) and within Classerium engaging more people to watch your courses, participate in your events and buy your items.

Tip: Connect your articles with your courses. Raise a topic and let them know that you're diving deep into the subject in your course.