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Courses: publishing

Press "Add content" and choose "Course" in the top of the Partners panel or "Add course" in the Courses section of the panel, then fill in the details.


Structure (if the course isn't an upcoming)

When you've filled in all the description, it's time to add the videos. Forgot to upload your videos? No worries, just save the course as a draft. 

If your links are ready - add lessons you prepared in outline, then your short videos into them by pressing the "add file" button.

Add titles for lessons and single videos with continuous numbering and without dots in the end of a title, i.e. in this format:

    Lesson 1. Lesson title

    1. Video title

    2. Video title

    Lesson 2. Lesson title

    3. Video title

    4. Video title

To engage people you may mark some lessons as free (e.g. trailer in the beginning) while the whole course is premium or exclusive. Press on the status button near the lesson title to switch free/premium. 

Now you're ready to publish the course. Press "publish", and after pre-moderation it will appear in Courses.