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Webinars: planning

Webinar is a realtime online class with one-way streaming. Meaning students see and hear you, but you can't see them and they can talk to you only through comment on the webinar page. It's for you to decide, how long it is and is it a single meeting or a series of classes. Each single meeting should be posted as a single webinar.

Planning a webinar is all the same as planning your usual class. The only exception - students won't be able to interact physically with you or your assistants, your materials or equipment. We strongly recommend to announce your webinar on Photodemy at least 1 month prior to it's date to reach your audience.

Technical requirements:

  • 2Mbit/sec internet connection or faster
  • HD 720p (or higher) webcamera in position covering the space you're going to use
  • Microphone
  • Google Chrome or Safari browser


  • I'm absolutely sure I'll be available at the time. Instructors are responsible for webinars they've scheduled.
  • I've analyzed timezones my main audience lives in and picked a time more or less suitable for it
  • Time reserved includes coffee-breaks (if you're planning a long class)
  • I've tested my web camera, mic and connection using any video call system (Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts), audio and video was excellent

About testing: of course, it depends on service stability and connection person you talk to has, his or her speakers, display and so on. Feel free to contact us, if you meet tech requirements, but have any problems setting your devices up.