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Articles: publishing

To create an article Press "Add content" and choose "Article" in the top of Partners panel or "Add article" in Articles section of the panel, then fill in the details:

  • Pick category and topic
  • Pick wide image (width : height > 1) for cover
  • Add the article lead into the first text field, and full text (including the lead) into the second one
  • Add illustrations, if needed, and don't forget to specify authors and sources for all the illustrations you don't own yourself.

When you're ready to publish your article, press "publish", and after pre-moderation it will appear in Articles section. 

Important: you can't publish someone else's text on Classerium even if it's author gave you permissions. The author may contact us and publish the article by himself, bloggers are welcome. The only exception is - if you're a content manager of a corporate account plus the texts author doesn't have a personalized account.

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