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Webinars: cancellation policy

We are begging you: do not schedule a webinar if you are not sure you'll be available at that time. And if you're going to postpone or cancel it, do it as soon as possible. –°ontact us, if you're not able to access your Partners panel.

We understand that everything may happen, but you should respect our student's time as well as your circumstances. If a theater cancels a play, you'll ask for a refund, right? According to our Terms of Service instructors are responsible for webinars they've scheduled.

You can postpone a webinar by yourself - edit it in Webinars section. To cancel it, please, contact us at least 24 hours prior to the time scheduled.

If you postpone an exclusive webinar, we proceed a refund to every student who requests it. If you cancel an exclusive webinar, we proceed a refund to all the participants.