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I can't enroll a course

Case #1: your plan doesn't include this course

May be you're:

  • trying to enroll a premium course, while you're on Free plan
  • trying to enroll an exclusive course you didn't pay for yet (exclusive courses should be paid separately regardless of your plan)
  • accidentally logged in with another account

If you can't resume a course (continue learning), it's probably the same case. Some lessons of a course may be free, while the rest of it is not. Premium or exclusive course may contain free trailers, introductions or promo lessons.

Case #2: you already did

In this case you just see "Resume" button instead of "Enroll". And the course is also listed in your Enrollments. Remember, you can't download any videos from Classerium.

Case #3: there is an error

Accept our apologize if so. Please, check if you use a recommended browser and if your connection is fine. If so, but enrollment doesn't work, please, let us know, what happened exactly (including screenshots, if available):