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Courses and webinars

Course is an educational video or a set of them. Webinar is a scheduled live stream with a chat where instructors answer students' questions. Recordings of past Webinars are available anytime, but instructors don't answer questions.

Courses and webinars are available accordi​ng to your plan from any device, logged in to your Classerium account. But you can’t download any video from Classerium. 

To start a course or join a future webinar go to it’s page and press "Enroll". 

The Webinar will be streamed exactly on the same page - just open it in time. Classerium will send you a reminder per email.

Everything you enrolled you can browse on your Homepage

You like a course or Webinar and wonder if there's part 2 or something similar? First, browse other courses from the same instructor - just click on the instructors name and then on "courses" tab in his profile. Most of courses are stand alone, but there are exceptions. And you always can go to the Courses section and filter them with the same parameters your favorite course has.