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David Bastianoni

David Bastianoni


David Bastianoni is born in a family of esteemed and creative photographers, David Bastianoni, approaches photography since his young age thus following the path of his grandfather, father and uncle narrating since 1932 the realism of personal stories and feelings through images.

The power of his images is driven by deep passion and remarkable experience acquired over years and oriented towards the constant search for emotions, moments and situations. His creative eyes are able to capture the authenticity and magic of the story, as well as the uniqueness of every moment.

“Impartial and privileged observer” these are the words David loves and uses to describe himself, an aesthete in his constant quest for “beauty” in all its expressions. He aims at telling unique and exclusive stories through the narration of a tale described with technique, elegance and spontaneity, by combining candid photos with staged photos, and materializing emotions by means of lights, colours and gestures.
His choice to focus on the elegance of the wedding story, led him to shoot prestigious events in Italy – and abroad, as well as to establish numerous professional collaborations such as Workshops

He has been awarded with several prizes as “Best wedding photographer 2012”, unanimously recognized by the FIOF Association (Fondo International Orvieto Fotografia – Orvieto Photography International Fund), and “Wedding of the Year 2012” by the ANFM

Published in the following magazines: Hello, Vanity Fair, and Times.
Wppi First Place 2016 Album competition and Grand Award and third place on Engagement and Album
Last Year in Pws had received the 1st 2nd Place in album competition.
Published in the following magazines: Hello, Vanity Fair, and Times. 

Master of Wppi
First Place 2015 Album competition
Grand Award 2013