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Elena Petrova

Elena Liseykina


Ambassador of Fuji in Russia, photographer and author of the Russian Photo magazine, Travel Blogger. She is one of those people whom, for the sake of a beautiful frame, is ready to leave the house at 2 am, to go somewhere, 200 kilometers away, spend an hour at dawn, then go back, to work in the office until evening. Most of her trips are planned with her children and family, i.e. It is normal for her to leave the family while they are asleep, go to shoot the dawn, then back to prepare breakfast. All of the "family holidays" are planned at interesting places for her to shoot. She can plan and schedule a 3 weeks, 5000 km trip, book hotels and work out the itinerary. Simply put, She is one of those people who can't be stopped if she gets something/ideas into her head. She has been Cooperating with the tourist offices of Jordan, Montenegro, Finland, major ferry companies, hotels, car manufacturers and more. Articles and photos by Elena have been  published in Russian and foreign journals, been used on Covers,in magazines, for calendars and on book covers. Social networks
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1 место в номинации «Природа»
Russian IPA 2018
1 место в категории Архитектура
Russian Photo Awards 2018
TheBestOfRussia 2015
PSA Ribbon
Russain Photo Awards
Honorable Mention