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Hedley Jones

Hedley Jones


Hedley is an experienced multi-media artist with an impressive array of creative credentials ranging from traditional broadcasting to digital photography.

His roots began in the world of music as a musician in Jamaica. He moved to Canada to work with CBC Radio in Toronto, as a Radio Tech and Producer/writer of two highly acclaimed national Radio programs. As Deadly Hedley, he became one of the city’s most loved and respected DJs, introducing audiences to the best in reggae, world beat & house music, shaping the musical tastes of a generation of Toronto listeners. Hedley’s interest in photography started in high school.

He joined the camera club and learned to develop film and make prints. When I saw my first image appear I was hooked. Hedley has mastered all the important technical aspects of photography especially with regards to the lighting in a boudoir setting. The lighting is a very important part to making the Emotional Connection with our clients and one of the key factors in our style as the only male shooter at The Boudoir Cafe.

Hedley is helping to push the boundaries with his dedication to bringing out the beauty in women and his male perspective of this now trending style of photography.