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Kirsten Lewis


Kirsten, a former BA of Child Psychology graduate, elementary school teacher, and Cards Against Humanity champion, is considered to be one of the best documentary family photographers in the world. Although based in Colorado, she travels around the world photographing her highly sought after Day in the Life and Vacation sessions where she spends up to 72hrs with a family documenting their daily life. Although her families are completely diverse, the majority of the clientele happen to be fellow photographers including Susan Stripling, Daniel and Davina, Tyler Wirken and Lanny & Erika Mann, just to name a few. She caught International attention when she gave a 3day Creative Live class August 2014. When she isn’t traveling Kirsten can be found back home in Denver making really good southern food that’s really bad for you, yelling profusely at The Bachelorette because somehow her voice is transmitted through the television, wading into the ice cold lake to collect the tennis ball her dog Mingus was too lazy to bring back to shore and kicking her husband Greg’s butt in Scrabble because he ALWAYS leaves the triple word score open.