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Tyler Wirken


Tyler doesn’t consider himself a wedding photographer but more a family historian. Starting out as a newspaper photographer, he discovered a passion for pure documentary photography early in his career and never looked back. 

After almost ten years in the wedding business, he found himself questioning a lot of conventional ideas about weddings. That’s when he asked himself– why am I doing this?
He believes those why questions help him create more meaningful photographs. And that’s why he's on a mission to help other photographers ask those same tough questions and get to the bottom of what truly matters as a wedding photographer.
Teaching photographers through his own Wirkshop Series as a personal mentor – pushing them to answer their own “why” questions – is a passion that started years ago at the renowned Foundation Workshop in Texas. That passion grew and led Tyler to teach at various workshops, and conferences worldwide including on CreativeLIVE and places as far as Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Europe and the United States.
Voted one of the “Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo in 2013, Tyler’s best “accolades” are actually his wife and two boys, who have his heart and remind him why he’s dedicated to documenting family history. That’s why he’s often overheard saying to friends and family, “At my funeral, if all you say is I was a good photographer, then I’ve failed miserably at life.”
You can check out Tyler’s approach to weddings at and see his most recent work at
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