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Daniel Usenko

Daniel Usenko


"There's one word that describes my approach to images: 'Beauty.' I believe that people are beautiful and my whole job is about understanding, finding, observing and capturing the beauty of every one of my clients. In fact, the first lesson at all my photography workshops is called 'Philosophy of Beauty.'

I love being a photographer, for so many reasons: I enjoy being able to express myself artistically, working with amazing couples, attending gorgeous weddings, teaching others my skill, and, most of all, I enjoy making people happy by capturing their beauty in my photos.

A tough childhood taught me to be thankful for my blessings. When I was seven years old, a civil war broke out in the Republic of Abkhazia, the country of my birth (on the coast of the Black Sea). My family lost everything. We eventually fled to Russia on a small fishing vessel, through a horrific storm that I still remember vividly. We lived for three years in poverty before moving to the United States. I currently live in Seattle in Washington State."

-- Daniel Usenko