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Johnson  Wee

Johnson Wee


Johnson Wee's star is one of the fastest-rising in the photography industry. The Malaysia-based photographer earned 10 WPPI awards with less than a decade of experience, including 6 prestigious awards in the 2014 and 2015 WPPI print competitions. He is the first Asian photographer to score a perfect 100 points in WPPI competition history, winning 1 platinum and 5 gold distinction awards.

Johnson is also a member of the Master Photographers' Association (MPA, UK), which recognizes excellence in photographic technique and interpretation. In just six months, Johnson earned the "Fellow of Master Photographers" designation from MPA, a recognition of outstanding innovation, artistry, and creativity on the leading edge of the art of photography.

In total, Johnson has received more than 120 awards from international competitions around the world. He has a keen eye for aesthetic vision and is well-known for his strong composition, good use of lighting, and unique post processing. He is currently judging photography competitions and conducting workshops and seminars all around the world, including China, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.