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Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen

Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen


Who am I?

My passions are art and fashion which is why I want to make original photo work with a story that let designer's and fashion brands advertise with great impact. I am up to date with new technology however my biggest strength is knowledge of older photography tricks coming from analog age and classic art. Because of this I can create faster than lots of other photographers who has to add all this effects digital which takes hours, even days while just a click when you know the right technology.


My work has a different approach than mostly in current commercial photography but because I have 25 years of experience in selling and marketing in other sectors like IT I am aware of all basic rules.The result is that you can call my work often Art but still are commercial and making them stand out of the crowd therefor.
My biggest inspiration are artists like Tim Harper and Steven Meisel. Artists who like to do something different and to do something new.

What has fashion to do with ecology and environment?

Because my work is ahead of competion I am been noticed by fashion designer's like Albert Chapel. Albert is a very popular dutch fashion designer currently working in Russia. When he developpeds cloths the environment is allways very important, using only natural materials. He is making fashion with is not only extreme beautifull but also “prèt à porter” and with a small ecological footprint like garbage from wood, metal, plastic or natural materials like leather or seaweed.

What's that logo?

My logo is the Phoenix. A symbol known from old ages and in lots of cultures the symbol of arising again. To life, die and being born again. All artists known this feeling. Not every day is easy and only those mosts inspired will survice in current times.

Where are your nicknames coming from?

Some people following me gave me the nicknames The Phoenix and Mister (Mr) Light. The first is based on my logo off course but also on some hard times in which I had to fight hard to come back. The second is for my feeling for light. I allways hated to measure light. For some reason it never felt good and it never gave me the light I wanted. After years I developed a feeling, knowing my camera and today I make shots without metering but most often with the wanted light in 1 or 2 shots.

Did you had publications? Projects?

I had lots of publications in fashion and art magazines. One of my fine arts was number 1 in Gallery 25 of the well known magazine Blur. A boudoir image with natural light from Lana Kitevs was the cover for the Valentine Edition of Promo Magazine and I did several covers for cd's, covers and backcovers for magazines, featured sections etc. I am also excited with my 2 books covers published internationally and off course my own work in books like Domy and Solange. My latest realisation is called STEAM. A magazine for which I have done all artwork and being selled on Apple Store.