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Classerium is a global IEM online platform for personal and professional lifelong AI guided learning.

Offering a solid solution for employee education without limits. No matter how big or small your needs are – you will have all your corporate knowledge in one place.

IEM Ecosystem

Everything is working together. No separate “Modules”. No extra integration. Any feature can be turned on when you start to use it. Truly an Intelligent Enterprise Management system.

Common info-dashboard Access uptodate information for everyone. One click share and distribute by email or internal notification.

Global use

No need to create a separate system for engineers or sales. Classerium filters content based on your choice and your needs.

Free installation

Just connect it to your domain and corporate email and start to use it within minutes.

Build e-learning courses in minutes.

Reuse your presentations and videos or a wide range of online material with our social integrations. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.

Reports that make sense.

Simple and comprehensible analytics about everything happening inside of your e-learning environment.

All Features

All in one

Web and mobile platforms with all features. Courses, Schedule intensives, webinars, articles, offline events, storefront. Interconnected and ready to go.

Complete and powerful

We deliver a solid platform with free monthly updates. First month is a free trial. Installation help is included in the monthly fee.

Easy to maintain

After installing the platform, it will become better by adapting to your needs. We provide a 24/7 free support to all our customers.

We do understand the value of education deliver the best UX to your employees. We do understand that efficient education is a key growth factor for all companies. We have our own algorithms picking the best educative courses from a cybernetics point of view. It’s not Rocket science to create a personal learning path to match every student. We are offering a world-class all-in-one, super easy to install solution that will change your life.

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