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Your video earns money from very first viewing

Classerium’s founders are world-class, award-winning professionals who are themselves featured conference speakers.

We understand the value of your expertise and want to help you share it with the world in a way that rewards you as you should be rewarded.

The video will earn money for you from the very first time a student watches it!

Then you’ll be an official Classerium instructor – upload as many videos as you want and earn money for every minute they’re viewed.

And that’s just one of the many ways to make money as a Classerium instructor.

Get started now!

How Will My Conference Video Make Money for Me?

Method #1: Viewers

Every minute that any Classerium subscriber watches your video(s) earns you income! How?

The Author’s Fund is distributed monthly, to instructors whose videos were watched that month, in this ratio:

# minutes watching YOUR video courses

# minutes watching ALL video courses

The more they watch you, the more you earn!

Tip #1: Classerium will eventually subtitle all of your videos at no cost to you. This makes your video courses accessible to subscribers who speak other languages – which means more viewing time on YOUR clock!

Tip #2: We provide a helpful guide with tips to help ensure your videos will be viewed repeatedly and earn you even more of that Author’s Fund.

Method #2: Subscribers

When Classerium produces your video, a short promo video will also be created.

Non-subscribers can watch the promo video, but not the full-length course.

If the student decides to become a Classerium subscriber so they can watch your entire course, they can click on a “Subscribe” button right from your page.

You will earn 50% of that students’ subscription fees for life -- even if they leave for a while and come back, they are still linked to you!

Tip: Share your personalized link with your social networks -- anyone who subscribes to Classerium through your link becomes linked to you, and you earn half of their subscription fees for life! (And more subscribers means a larger Author’s Fund!)

Yes, it works both ways!

You earn half the subscription fees of anyone who subscribes to Classerium through your personal link… PLUS you earn money for every minute they spend watching your video courses.

We Understand the Value of Your Expertise

Workshops and classes are priceless to photography students who want to learn from the very best in the business. By posting your video courses to Classerium, you will increase your reach to students around the world who will view them hundreds or thousands of times – and each minute watched earns you a portion of the monthly Author’s Fund.

It’s Really that Easy

We are so excited about sharing this revolutionary way of expanding your income that we will do all the work for your first video! Through our partnership with the Photo+ Group, we will record your conference class, produce the video and post it for you, all at no cost. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to put Classerium to work for you.

A Note about Security

As photographers ourselves, Classerium understands your concern about video piracy. While no system is 100% hacker-proof, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that videos are available via streaming only – no downloading. Your content is safe.

Contact Me

Questions? Contact Us any time using the form below. We want to hear about your needs and concerns, and we will answer any question you have about Classerium, how it works, and why we are so excited about it.

Why Should I Become a Classerium Instructor?

To Earn Money

  • You get 50% from your referrals every time they pay their subscription (a referral link button is on every page, so you can share everything)
  • 25% of all partners and 50% of all organic (Classerium generated) users goes to the Authors Fund which is shared between Instructors in the proportions: TIME your courses have been watched/TIME all courses have been watched.
  • You may sell any digital items (+ exclusive courses and webinars) and get 100% (excluding the bank fees) of this income when it is your referrals and 50% if it is Classerium’s referrals and you will get 50% if it is other instructors or partners referrals.
  • You get 10% of your referral if they buy other items than yours.
  • This also works if you sell exclusive courses that are not included in the Premium subscription.
  • You may produce webinars (free, premium, exclusive) and articles.
  • You may post events (workshop announcements) for free and everyone (Subscribers, instructors etc.) will get notified about this. You will get contact to people interested in your workshops.
  • You are NOT paying for any Ads Classerium are doing.

To Get Noticed

  • Exposure from marketing via Classerium’s industry partners
  • Be featured on Classerium’s blog and webinar (as available)
  • Advertise classes on global workshop calendar

To Receive Other Benefits

  • Join Classerium’s roster of world-renowned photography instructors
  • You retain all copyrights to all videos
  • Instructor dashboard shows earnings in real time
  • Secure payment transfers: safe and convenient
  • Support and tips to maximize earnings on Classerium

Are you ready to earn real money from your conference class?
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