About this event

Spend 9-days with Me Ra and Brian on a dream photography workshop tour that takes you through the beautiful, exotic country of Thailand.

You’ll photograph the famous floating market, fascinating hill tribes, beautiful wildlife in the jungle, the most breathtaking white sand beaches you’ve ever stepped on, exotic landscape and seascape, night photography, take time to bathe elephants, and do a bit of underwater photography of their world-famous marine life!

Their family has been exploring Thailand for eight years, and they are THRILLED to take you to their favorite off-the-beaten path locations, as well as, MUST-SEE locations (like the limestone cliffs that jet out of the water where snorkeling and diving is one of the top three places in the world! Yes, they’re ending the 9-day tour with an excursion day of snorkeling/diving!) at their favorite, secret place!

See Thailand, experience Thailand, capture your own Portrait of Thailand on this unforgettable trip!