About this event

Beauty lighting is one of the photography industries best-kept secrets. It’s essential to cosmetic advertising, fashion and celebrity portraiture yet can be applied to headshots, corporate and industrial portrait shoots. For many photographers the realm of beauty photography also holds a practical side – the ability to earn a lucrative income.

In this two-day workshop, students will learn the skills necessary to produce stunning images of beautiful models, an eye-catching addition to any photographer’s portfolio. Students will learn a variety of beauty lighting techniques, including Clamshell and use of the beauty dish and other modifiers, plus learn about catch-light effects. Learn to work with grids, soft boxes, bounce light, fill, mixing daylight with strobe, and choosing different backgrounds. Other topics include: how to work with and what to look for in a make-up artist; how to direct and make the models feel comfortable; creating a theme or concept for your beauty shoot; casting techniques, including what to look for when selecting beauty models; the importance of pre-production, lighting diagrams, creating a shot list and more.

Hands-on shooting opportunities will be available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, with a make-up artist and beauty models being provided both days. On Sunday, participants will also explore the amazing possibilities of what can be achieved after the shoot by using Photoshop techniques and skin retouching plug-ins. Students will receive practical experience retouching their own images taken during the workshop. 

Students should have DSLR camera capable of manual exposure settings and a hot shoe or sync connection.