About this event

Me Ra Koh’s 2-Day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women has sold out for TEN years. Read the reviews to hear what other women say!

Or read over 100 comments from this blog post that women posted in regards to how this workshop and Me Ra impacted their life. And get ready because the planning has begun for a 10 yr Anniversary CONFIDENCE Conference for all the women who have taken this workshop! When women find confidence together, lifelong friendships are formed. This is a weekend about gaining confidence with your camera but you’ll leave with so much more!

Since September’s workshop is sold out, the next one will be held in Dallas, TX on January 28th and 29th 2017.

Our winter workshop is one of our most popular dates! There’s something about finding confidence in the winter! This is a weekend long photography workshop for women of all levels. You will learn and practice all of the technical elements of shooting in manual, building a visual story, editing with ease, and best of all, hands-on photo shoots with models each day. You will be inspired. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And when the weekend’s over, your CONFIDENCE in your camera and yourself will reach a milestone peak for your life!

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Are You One of These Women?
  • I take great photos here and there, but have no idea how you did it or how to recreate it. This is what Me Ra calls “Happy Accidents”.
  • My photos turn out decent when outside, but when I go inside my photos come out blurry or look poorly lit. I can’t figure out what I’m missing.
  • I LOVE taking photos but feel intimidated by the technology. Picturing myself with confidence when holding my camera almost feels impossible.
  • I’ve taken a photography class at the local camera store, community college or from another pro, and I left feeling completely discouraged and fear I’m not smart enough to “get it”.
  • I’m a mom and after having kids I’ve lost sight of my own creativity and passion, and I really need this for myself. But this would be the first time I’ve ever left the kids and that feels intense. And yet, they’re ready and I need this.
  • I am wonderful grandma who wants to take great photos of my grandchildren. (Our grandma attendees inspire Me Ra beyond words!)
  • I’m a single woman who LOVES photography and dreams of traveling with my camera. 🙂
  • A working professional who needs a weekend with other women who also want to feed their creative self.
  • I’m a pro photographer, but I’m held back from full confidence because there are holes in what I understand technically.
  • Maybe you are this lady (I’ve met a number of these ladies over the years). You know how to get decent photos. You are even charging some money when friends ask you to take their photos. But you don’t feel confident with the technical side so it keeps you from raising your prices or allowing yourself to go to the next level. You are stuck behind a glass ceiling.
If you answered “YES, that is ME!” to any one of these descriptions, our 2-Day CONFIDENCE Workshop is for YOU! All these women and more have attended our workshop over the last 8 years and left with full hearts, strong confidence and creative vision!

*There are a number of photographers who won’t let you take their workshop if you live within a certain radius of them for fear of you stealing their ideas and teaching your own workshops. I say “The More the Merrier!” For 8 years, I’ve had the honor of raising up amazing, talented, creative women who have gone on to launch their own businesses and workshops. If you leave this workshop with inspiration to empower more women, I can’t think of a greater compliment. All women are welcome! This is a weekend about empowering YOU whether you are a pro or beginner.

Day One Topic:

True to this workshop, time tested (and approved :)), we are excited to start the day with understanding the mechanics of your camera. We walk you through 8 essential camera settings that most people never learn, as well as tricks to consistent focus, and in depth teaching on how the magic three work together (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO). We’ve been teaching this workshop for 8 years and every single time we have a wide mix of both beginners and pros. They all want the same thing: confidence. We start Day One at the beginning because I’ve found that a number of women lack confidence because they have holes in their technical understanding. We cover ALL the holes during the first half of the day.

In the second half of the day, you’ll learn about indoor lighting so you can capture shots of your loved ones in difficult lighting. After this weekend, low light will never hold you back again! After lunch we will put our understanding into hands-on practice that is CONFIDENCE building.

We’ll process the FULL morning with a Live Shoot of Moms and Baby Models.

We end the day with storytelling and composition. We’ll dive into our philosophy “Refuse to Say Cheese” and teach you the power behind this phrase. You’ll go back to sleep that night with a whole new world of ideas on how to capture authentic story telling photos!

Saturday night is also an optional group dinner for the workshop ladies only (husbands and travel companions are invited to Friday night’s Meet and Greet).

Day Two Topic:

Day Two will pick up where we left off. We’re going to continue to demystify tough lighting and camera settings by teaching you how to meter! You will ALL be shooting in manual by noon on the second day, no matter how green you are! We’ll practice with a second Live Shoot or possibly a powerful photo critique (the rains will decide which of the two we do–but both are powerful learning tools), and then we will walk you through our Post Process steps as we demonstrate Adobe® Lightroom®, turning images to black and white, editing, what’s the difference between a JPG and RAW image, etc.

We’ll also teach you how to use an external flash when you don’t have enough natural light. Consequently you’ll be amazed at how easy this is when we walk you through the steps with demonstrations.

Depending on the groups interest, we’ll talk about the in’s and out’s of starting your own side business too. (But this depends on the needs of the group.) We’re also going to cover the question of what to do with your images? Also, are stock photography options available to you, what is the bottom line of blogging, and where should you have your work printed and why?

The BEST part that everyone always loves most is the models!

We’ll also have models join us (both adults and kids), so you can practice EVERY THING we’ve been teaching you. And true to our workshops, we’ll sprinkle our time with creative exercises and inspiration that make our weekend so special.

By the end of our weekend, you will be filled with CONFIDENCE, refreshed, inspired, and possibly shooting in Manual like it’s nobody’s business. (I promise, shooting in manual is way easier than people make it sound, but one step at a time.)


A few years ago, when the recession was unbearable for so many, Brian and I made a radical change in our workshops. Instead of bringing all our products (DVDS and 101 Kits) to the workshop to sell at a discounted workshop rate, we decided to gift all the products to our workshop attendees. The total product value is close to $600. This is our way to help you beat financial barriers and find fulfillment in your photography aspirations whether photography is a hobby or dream!

Upon registering for the workshop, attendees will receive the following;

Complete DVD Download Set: Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box (not a hard copy but a link to view and download at home) before the workshop. The set will help prepare you for the workshop. And when the workshop is over, and your new tools are feeling a little rusty, you will have the set to watch again and again!

After the workshop, each attendee will also be gifted all of the popular 101 Kits, including the newly revised and extended Portrait 101 Kit! If photography is a possible part-time business you’d like to pursue, Brian and I want to make sure you are set up for success!

We know these Bonus Products will equip you, and you will always feel supported and empowered by us!